High School Robotics Teams Unveil 2013 Creations

NASA | Mar 07, 2013 | 5:12 PM
The Lancaster High School Eagle Robotics team rolled out the team's "ENIAC" robot entry in the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition before civic leaders, classmates, family and friends Feb. 8 at the school's performing arts theater.
The orange, purple and green robot scooted about the stage, shooting Frisbee disks toward a rectangular target slot some eight feet high, part of the tasks it will have to perform during spring competitions.
The 50-member team named the robot after the first electronic general-purpose computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer – ENIAC – that was invented by a pair of engineers at the University of Pennsylvania during World War II and revealed to the public in 1946.
NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, along with a number of other community and business entities, co-sponsor teams from Antelope Valley, Lancaster and Tehachapi high schools in the annual robotics competition each spring, and support several other local teams in the related FIRST Tech Challenge competition each winter.
Antelope Valley High's "Robolopes" and Tehachapi High's "Cyber Penguins" also showed off their robots for the 2013 FIRST competition at similar events in February.
The three FIRST Robotics Competition teams will participate in two regional competitions in March and early April with hopes of qualifying for the program's national championships in St. Louis in late April.

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